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Eternal Demise

Project type

Animation 3D


Université Laval


19 April 2023


Directeur Artistique

Contact me to acess the movie.

This project is particularly important to us as a team, because it’s the first time that we had creative freedom over the subject as well the style of our film. This gives us the opportunity to explore a theme that we have never been able to explore before, that of suspense/horror. We want to create a real atmosphere where the viewer can feel fear. This new challenge interested us all right away and that’s why we are particularly invested in this film. The genesis of this project started from a relatively simple observation, we all wanted to do something new. After having made several comical or instructive films, the desire to create a darker and more dramatic work imposed itself on us. The whole team was on the same wavelength, so we started to look for ideas and write the script that is now ours. In our film, the protagonist is suffering from madness. It is this same madness that will drive him to act as he does and it will be the common thread of our script. What really happened? Was it all in his head? The main inspiration to help us physically represent this madness is the movie «Joker» by Todd Philips released in 2019. The gestures of Joaquin Phoenix in his interpretation of the Joker will help us in the animation of our protagonist. We have also read several articles on the different mental illnesses and more particularly on schizophrenia, this allows us to better understand the evil from which our character suffers and to help us visualize his daily life and the environment that surrounds him.

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